About the memorial tags system


We are always afraid over time that their legacy would be forgotten

Celebrate life with a living memorial page/web site

Keep loved one's memory and stories alive

Memorial tags

The tags are made in durable and weather resistant stainless steel, which you can attach to any memorial, headstone or plaque. These tags can be scanned by a smart-phone or mobile device (iPad type tablet) with internet access, which will direct you to a personalized web page.

A QR code is a "Quick Response" symbol (or barcode), that among various possible options, when scanned by a smart device, can redirect the user to a specified web page. In this manner, the memorial tags with QR codes now link users to websites or digital spaces containing information about the resident of a grave whose headstone which has an attached tag.

The QR code is printed (permanent printing) on a durable metal tag with a heavy-duty outdoor rated adhesive attached to be back of the tag.

Yzkor - in Hebrew means "remember", and it is also the memorial prayer recited during bereavement and also when remembering departed souls.

Frustration with QR-codes

How are they used

Attaching the tag

You can attach a QR memorial tag to an existing or new monument or plaque. For existing monuments and tombstones, the memorial tag is attached to the stone using the double sided tape attached to the back of the tag.

This tape and its glue are designed to be used outdoors and sustain the changing weather conditions. But, it the tag becomes loose, you can request an additional glue patch to re-attach it, or use your own epoxy type glue.

We are in negotiation with monument companies to create a recess area to collect our tag for new monuments.

Scanning the tag

What happens after someone scans the tag is shown in the following image. In words, it goes like this:

More information about the internal and external page options can be found in the following sections.

Internal page

The internal page is a page that is created and stored on this web site, using data that is sent to us by the owner of the tag. You can have an idea of how the internal memorial page looks like by checking the Home page of this site, in which for the architect Le Corbusier memorial the 2 possible types of web page memorial are shown with their respective QR codes. Clicking on the pictures of the tages will show the two page options.

After you have provided us with the data (see here for more info) your personalized internal website page will be created by us and on-line within 48 hours.

External page

An external is a separate web address (URL) provided by the owner of the tag, to which the temporary linking page will redirect users when scanning the QR code.

This can be a dedicated page or a dedicated web site, and the person scanning the tag will be immediately taken there. This web address can be changed when necessary, so it is possible to have different addresses at different times.

Behind the scenes information

Scanning the QR code Yikzor memorial tag creates a record on this site, in the same manner that when visiting a web page creates a log line in the visited web site.

Updates and modifications

Because the scanning directs the user to a temporary web page, it is possible to link to it different destination pages, at different times. In this way, you can have a simple page hosted somewhere, and when you create a special purpose web site for the memorial, you can change the tag to link to the new site.

Or, you can change from having an internal page link to an external link, and vice versa.

Memorial and gift

You can get a memorial tag as a present to family members or friends, and they will be able to use it for their own personal memorials. In this case, we can send them the instructions on how to use.