Memorial internal text page

The internal text page could be called "Wikipedia for non-famous people"... If you need to add a lot of information, we suggest you create an external page to link to. In special cases, we will be prepared to extend the contents of the internal page, as an additional work not included in the cost specified in this web site.

Example internal text page

This page has a standard structure, and the user submits the information for the page according to each of the area where he wants it to appear. An example of an internal page can be seen by scanning or clicking the QR-code image below.

The standard structure of the internal text page is shown in the following image, where each of the areas can be completed by the user. Click on the image to see it larger, or download the image by clicking here.

Internal page areas

Entering the information

When submitting the information page, only one file will be accepted. No style-sheets, or other files except image files used in the page can be submitted, without consultation with us beforehand.
The data for the internal page can be in one of various formats:
  • HTML format
  • plain text. For text times and HTML format, Each item in the page has to be linked to one of the elements present in the demo page, as shown in the image.
  • word processing format such as word, which will be converted by us to pdf format.
  • pdf

It should be sent via email, or by using the menu option Submit page. When the page data is submitted as HTML it will be copied without changes, including any HTML elements present.

It is possible to insert HTML links in the page, as shown in the example page (in the grey area). Also, you can include a family tree (as a graphic), and this will be shown in one of the areas of the page.

Link to internal page

Click/scan for example text page

Additional information to include

Suggested possible additional information that can be included in the internal page:

Questions and help

For any issue not covered in these instructions, or any question, please use the Contact us form.