Memorial internal images page

The internal images page has 2 header lines followed by images and captions to them. It gives mostly a visual memory effect.

Internal images page

This page is automatically created using an images listing file, an example of which appears below. The structure of this listing consists of: 2 header lines, and a series of entries that consist of the image file name and the caption. The above details have been marked on the listing.

The internal images page organizes the images in a grid that adjusts itself to the display screen being used. Clicking on an image will display it at a higher resolution, occupying almost the full screen of the device.

Internal page areas

Submitting the information

When submitting the data for the internal images page the following items will be required:
  • a listing file as shown
  • image files that appear in the listing file, preferably in a zip archive

Detailed instructions about the preparation of the data to be submitted can be downloaded by clicking the following link: open / download PDF with instructions..

Later updates to the page

It is possible to submit at a later date additions or modifications to the images or the listing file previously supplied, and thus modify the internal images page. This will be charged separately at 50% of the current price for the internal page, due to the additional work involved.

Link to internal page

Click/scan for example images page

Notes about the data to be submitted

Questions and help

For any issue not covered in these instructions, or any question, please use the Contact us form.