Memorial (Yizkor) tags

The memorial (Yizkor) tags are placed on tombstones and when scanned with a mobile phone app they provide relevant information about the person. This information is dynamic, and can be modified and updated at any time.
As an example, imagine coming across the Le Corbusier grave shown below. If the memorial tag is attached (see top right of image), scanning it with the mobile phone app will provide some very interesting information about the person: either to a separate web site, or to an internal page in this system. You can try it by scanning the QR code images in this page.

Le Corbusier tombstone
Link to external web sitex

The QR-code disk attached to the grave can provide either:

• Redirection to any another page/web site with any type and amount of content. Scan the above QR-code image to see it, or alternatively, click here.
• A page on this web site about the person. Scan the below QR-code image to see an example, or click here.

Link to internal page

With either of the above options, you can also add a link to a person related to the deceased, for example for maintenance of the grave site.

For more information please see the items under the Info menu heading above. You can also use the Contact Us page to ask any questions.